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A few little things:

1) I appear to have IV lurgy. That is, a cold that affects primarily my throat. I'm otherwise mostly fine, but my throat is sore, I have a decent range of about an octave, with abominable timbre, in the 2nd to 3rd Bass range. Plus, I get the distinct feeling that if I work my voice too hard, I'll get laryngitis, and be hoarse throughout IV. Definitely not something I want to spread. Therefore, I'm kind of planning to wear a flu mask tonight

2) I liked Avatar a lot, in a lot of ways, apart from the visuals. Sure, the metaphor is paper thin, but that's OK. No-one said you need to make metaphors opaque. That said, with some of the comments that the chief of security makes about Aboriginals, I don't know that it really counts as a metaphor. I think its well balanced by Cameron's other films - in this film, the non-Imperialists are depicted overly positively, whereas in Aliens, the Gooks are acid-blooded monsters, and the enduring effect of Ho-Chi-Min's ideals tries to eat children.

And sure, there's a Hollywood romance thrown in, but it's not handled particularly badly, even if it is a little saccharine.

Yes, of course it had to go Hollywood, but there's a really obvious cutting point - at the end of the 3rd act (where there's some fire), the screen even GOES DARK at just the point where they could have made it an incredibly depressing, dark, aren't-we-just-showing-the-pain-of-the-human-condition, give me an artsy award, film. It would have also been a reasonable length if they'd cut it at that point. A brilliant and DEPRESSING film.

Also, although the film is full of technical dodginess (I can't remember the proper SciFi term for technical elements that aren't necessarily important to the plot, and so aren't just plot devices), but at least a lot of the technically-dodgy elements are well explained by other technically-dodgy elements. Hey, getting ambitious sci-fi right is HARD. I will choose only two things to comment on:

1) If other Pandoran species breathe through vents on their chests, why don't the main humanoid species (who are obviously supposed to be closely related to a number of other species, like the fliers)?
2) If there are a number of Biome types on the planet (plains, oceans and so on) why oh WHY would you set up principal mining operations in the middle of the fucking jungle?

So, yes, I expect the film to spawn many sequels and sell many video games. But doing so does not make a film, or even a film not good. If a movie has to bend over backwards to do so, that's bad. If those things flow on as a natural result of the world creation (think Star Wars), that's just a nice side effect. The balance of forces, which will help so much in creating video games, are kind of necessary for the story.

3) Spending money in great big lumps is so bloody easy, and the value received is often dubious. Yes, cash blown yesterday will help achieve certain specific goals, but it's not so clear that those goals will aid in overall happiness in the long term.

Date: 2010-01-08 11:57 am (UTC)
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Oh no, not lurgy! :( I hope you recover by Sunday morning ...


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