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Birthdate:Jan 29
A selection of things about me that I believe to be significant:

I strive for something with a scope beyond reason. Perhaps I should call it "Sensibility". Then again, I like silly things, so perhaps "good thought" will do. "It" includes Logic, which is obviously not sufficient for good thought. Sense -perception- is a very important part of it.

It should be immediately clear that Intelligence is important to me.

I have whitey skin. Although the colour of a person's exterior is no indicator of their merit, it can be an indicator of their climatic suitability. I live in a sunburned country, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is not my land.

I have long hair. There's some important history to this. It's a symbol. A lot of my physical manifestation is symbolic. I have an exceptionally silly tattoo; this icon carries a lot of meaning as well.

I am singularitarian. Humans are wonderfully smart, but their intelligence is only a teency fraction of what really smart can be.

I do musicly things. I tend to use brute force intelligence on them, rather than innate natural talent. However since I am also orally fixated, I have developed some musical-related speciallist skills, by way of mouth music. Some would call this "singing". I also happen to love some of the social effects that some (not all) musical ensembles - notably choirs - produce. Tangible shared goals have funny effects on social dynamics.

Incidentally, that lizardy thing that constitutes my userpics and avatars - that's an Ichthyostega. It's a fossil of some significance. Go look it up.


After reading Thorfinn's info, it occurred to me that I should probably have some sort of disclaimer on my info page. Therefore:
DON'T READ my Page, or any of my stuff if you are a legal minor (this could be 18 or 21, depending on jurisdiction). Also, if you are easily offended by...errm... anything (including, but not limited to: sex, drug use, bodily wierd stuff, politics, or non-major tonalities), you may wish to avoid my stuff. Go read something else, or perhaps get out more.
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