Dec. 17th, 2009

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So, I've been looking at my consumption and demand of dairy products. I'm not quite finished, but I have enough to comment.

The first thing that this showed was that many things that I expected to be the big culprits of my dairy consumption weren't, and some things that accounted for much of my demand were complete surprises.

For example, I thought that the chocolate powder that I had every morning would be a substantial part of my dairy consumption (simply because I had it every day), and that other "big ticket items" would be: coco-puffs, milk chocolate, cookies, nutella sandwiches and so on, as well as pies, pasties, and muffins. For items that I don't create direct demand for (having some of someone else's...), I thought that MonUCS pub would be the thing, since it was regular.

Hoo, on some of those items, I was a bit off.

Coco-puffs are Vegan!! Oze-choc has bugger-all dairy in it (<1%), and therefore contributes very little. The ingredients for the pies and pasties that I've found indicate less than 1% dairy. Nutella has surprisingly little dairy, with a sandwich resulting in about the same demand as a small piece of milk chocolate (15 ml).


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methodology )
=== RESULT ===

The total result is that for sources where I create direct demand, I'm using about 63 ml of milk per day on average across 34 days, or about 23 litres per year. In addition, I might consume perhaps as much as 53 ml from other sources without real direct demand (for instance, having part of someone else's cheesy pizza when I'm having vegan pizza). This second figure varies pretty wildly, though, so I'd kinda like to get some more, better data on this.

where the big totals are )

63 ml / day is about 6.3% of the average Australian dairy consumption of more than 1 litre per day, based on figures from

National Comparison )

As my demand is only 1/16th of the national average, and, as most of you know, I really don't hold back when it comes to chocolate and so forth, it really shows not how little dairy I consume, but just how hideously much the average Australian consumes.


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