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Oct. 23rd, 2010 01:05 pm
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Written Monday a week ago

At the moment, I'm feeling a little greedy and spoiled - Cuddlefairy has been letting me sleep far more than she has been able to.  FAR more.

Consequently, I seem to have a lot of reserves - I spent all day yesterday at Scots' and the MIV meeting, then came home to finish up a lot of homework (another group assignment where colleagues had cut-and pasted from Wikipedia.  At least they acknowledged it as a "reference" in what was more of a bibliography, even if they didn't cite it).  At the end, I was over-tired.

So, I'll outline a little on our daughter's sleeping, and ours: 
whereas the first few nights, she was only sleeping a few minutes at a time, and wouldn't really settle much except in someone's arms, since the milk started coming in on Saturday, she's been able to settle in for longer periods

Cuddlefairy was highly reluctant to let her be asleep in someone's arms if they weren't awake, but on Saturday night, we were able to get the little one to settle in, swaddled, in the pram-basket which we set up in the middle of the bed.  Consequently, that was the first time that we were able to have all three of us asleep at once

Also, both Saturday and Sunday nights, Cuddlefairy let me sleep a lot more, because I would be out and about during the days.  Hence the feeling of me being greedy.  So, yes, while our sleep is quite interrupted, I'm at least hoping to be able to get a decent quantity most nights in the future - I'm not expecting that I'll have to be a zombie all the time for several months at least. :D


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