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Since I'm a big fan of making the tacit explicit, I thought it would be a good idea to outline my agenda for Melbourne IV.

Starting with the completely uncontroversial:

I want MIV to be:
* Enjoyable
     --> Well performed music is a necessary part of this!
* Socially successful
* Enjoyable rehearsals & Events
* Enjoyable repertoire

*  I think that having a full house to sing to is more important than having a larger concert venue

There's always a lot of talk about getting freshers.  I say forget about talking about IV freshers.  With the current demographics, the focus needs to shift to undergrads.  If IVs continually have a large supply of undergrads, they will be fresh!  Therefore, I would put the goal this way:

* The key attendance goal is to Maximise U/grad attendance
   -->New Generation

I think a suitable "hopeful goal" would be as many as 300 attendees.  This would require some energisation of the AICSA choirs, but is possible.  A realistic target is 200 attendees, and if we only achieve 150, I will view this as something of a disappointment.  For fans of history, Brisbane 1993 was the most poorly attended ever (93 singers), but Sydney two years later with the SSO was pretty big.

* I want the IV to be Financially Successful
  --> Ticket sales are a necessity
  --> Getting someone else to fund a concert is a Good Idea

* But I also want to Minimise both "Entry price" and "Sticker Price" 
(I think this will really help with U/grad attendance)

    * Cheaper accomodation
        - AIV2001 allowed people to sleep in tents
    * Cheaper food
        - BIV2000 made excellent use of leftovers
        - LXIV was partially volunteer catered, as were a number of IVs in ancient history.
        - Not everyone needs a hot breakfast.  Paying a bit less and bringing your own box of cereal might reduce costs. 
    * Academic dinner should be an option - this will remove at least $50 from entry price

(sidetrack: In the 50s and 60s, camp fees were typically >80% of total IV expenditure, even where large orchestral works were performed.  Now, I'm not willing to give up fancy concerts, and I certainly don't think that things like Acadinner should be stopped, but the price is a massive barrier to U/grad attendance)

* MIV has a priviliged position, and should be "Musically Ambitious".  There's a lot more I can and will say on this matter.

* I have the romantic notion of having an IV with the MSO, but I also understand that this is a whim, and it is far more important to have a good IV than the MSO

* I want to enshrine the authority of Safety Officers --> Clear Hierarchy

* Finally, I have a nifty idea of "Concert Zero"

"Concert Zero" is essentially glorified publicity sing.

This would be performed on the first night of camp, at the local regional centre town hall.  There might be a gold coin donation, but the funding for this would really come from the Arts Australia Council or similar, since this would be the largest choir ever in that town.  If one lets the choir be divided, there is no shortage of material that can be performed with little rehearsal at an IV - I'll elaborate for you later.

The key reasoning behind this is is not the concert itself.  The concert is a vehicle that would mean that we could kick off camp with a PCP.  I often think that theme nights are a bit naff, and they often involve carrying around heavy costumes halfway across the country.  Imagine instead beginning with a celebration of what IV is really about - singing.

I'd also like to get some new songbooks published as a collaborative effort between the 5 active Batmanian University Choral Societies, which could tie in to MIV in various ways.

Anyway, that's my hidden agenda.  They are my hidden agenda.  I have lots more opinions and so on (I'd like to get as much of the hazing out of prezzies' PJs as possible ... ... ...), but this is unconcise enough already.
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