Aug. 12th, 2010

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Uni is going very well at the moment.  Or at least, my final year project is finally giving me results.

As you might be aware, my final year project works on software simulations.  Until now, I've had a lot of difficulty in getting the software to work.  This week, I finally was able to get a few things out of my software - 1) series of pictures being exported from the simulations at regular intervals 2) numerical output from point measurements at regular intervals 3) some degree of automation.  The automation is clunky and buggy, but I'm happy to put lots of work in, if I don't think that it's probably going to be wasted because the system is not working.

So, I'm actually looking forward to spending lots of time being intimate with the computers.

My school placement was a little deep endish.  Most education students get quite a bit of preparation and observation time before taking a lesson.  I wasn't really able to get to talk to the placement supervisor before the class began, so it was pretty much all up to me to teach the class from the start.  I had been taking the class for a few minutes when the supervisor just disappeared out the back of the classroom.  For about 15 minutes.

When I approached him about it later, he said that it was better for the kids not to know how long he would be out of the classroom, because if they thought he could be back at any second, it would be better for behaviour >:/

Also, Dick Smith is a tool.  His show on population is terribly produced - it reads like a today tonight piece.  There's been almost no data or science presented.  He calls those who agree with him "respected" and those who don't "dumb".  He's right, but for all the wrong reasons.

EDIT: He might be a tool, but he appears to have the wisdom of Solomon compared to John Elliot and the other growth cultists. 


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