May. 2nd, 2010

Yay camp!

May. 2nd, 2010 06:50 pm
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Camp was fantastic again.  I think that MonUCS has really hit the spot with the revue and similar group-stuff.  I know that not everyone was having a perfect time, but a lot of people were having a really good time, and more importantly, I think that a lot of the Society activity and so on hit the spot.  Revue ran for a long time, - for the most part, it felt really relaxed, that people could perform several items - and most importantly, it felt really inclusive (a couple of wrinkles acknowledged).  First camps often have a few brave freshers trying their hand, but I think the way everything ran made it seem like All Are Welcome.

Drinking also seemed to be about right, at least, for the period I was there.  On the first night, where I was pouring drinks, it seemed that the normal thing for those getting stuff from the communal pot was to get about 2 standards.  One fresher (miss E) noticed that a surprising amount of her vodka got drunk, so either she drank more than she had realised, without ill effects, or somebody pilfered some.  I don't know.  I was also really pleased that a lot of non-alcoholic stuff was being drunk and eaten from the communal pot.

I don't know how drinking went on the second night after I left, but I do know that I was having a great time, and really didn't want to leave!  Scots' may often be musically satisfying, but I loooove MonUCS people.

Also, while it's fresh in everyone's mind, lets get some review comments on the campsite, for Claire's successors' sakes:

1) Distance: Gembrook: 45 km, 1 hour from Monash ♪♪♪½
2) Rehearsal hall: Shared as dining area, adjacent to kitchen.  Decent size, with decent chairs. Good accoustic, apart from the noise.  Comfortably rehearsed XX number of people (could have held more if we'd moved the couches).  Noisy heating system + woodfire that triggered asthma problems.  Fridge also noisy.  ♪♪♪ 1/2 to  4♪

I never got to the other building.

3) Dorms: Part of main building.  Most dorm rooms (5) long and very narrow, with 12 beds.  Also 4 dorms of 6 beds. Slat based-bunks with AT LEAST SOME good quality foam mattresses.   ♪♪♪♪

4) Kitchen/dining:  seemed a little pokey.  the utensils were in a groovy plastic drawer thing.   ♪♪♪ ???

5) Heating:  Wood-based heater and some other noisy fan system that may have been part of the heating, kept main area toasty warm.  Smoke a possible problem.  Dorms got some flow-on heat, but were a little chilly on a cool april night.  ♪♪♪ 1/2 to  4♪

6) Bathroom & Toilets: Plenty of decent quality toilets and sinks.  Showers had decent heads; some showers a little breezy.  One area stank - this may have been because of (a) urinally area (unlikely) (b) being near septic tank or something? (c) toilets not flushing.  Water for flushing just stopped in a number of toilets.  I'd probably have given them ♪♪♪♪ if they'd all worked properly

7) Other: Cozy couches around fire.  Games area in other building didn't seem to get used much.  Awkward dorm shape encouraged socialising to happen in main area - probably a good thing. 


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