Feb. 8th, 2010

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If I might take a leaf out of Pink_soprano's book:

I have a friend, who is looking for a fourth person to join her Women's Barbershop "quartet".  Lizzie's pretty squarely an alto; Julie's a sopranino who prefers singing alto to s1, and Jen is (I ?think) a mezzoish sop.  So just about any voice part would be useful, and the others could shift around that.

What they are looking for is someone interested enough in modern a-capella music to put time in, who is able to read pretty well, and who is musically strong enough to hold their line on their own.  But here's the tricky bit: it's essential that the person's voice blends well with those 3 voices, so that excludes a couple of good singers I know.

So, if you or any of your friends fit the above criteria, live in Melbourne (the others are in the inner northish), and might be interested, please let me know, and we can have a look at how that would work.

I'm leaving this public, but screening all answers, so you can give suggestions to your hearts content and as anonymously as you like.


Feb. 8th, 2010 06:10 pm
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Well, that was exciting

I was smelling smoke, and thinking "Gee, there must be some bad bushfires about today, to smell that much smoke".  I wasn't paying it much heed.

Then the doorbell went.  It was about time for Julie to get home, so I was pleased - although the dog wasn't making as much fuss as one might expect.

but it's JJ * at the door, telling me that there's a "bit of a fire outside - do you have a hose?"

* It wasn't really JJ, it just looked a lot like her, and my brain immediately did some heavy cross-association confusion

No, I have no working hose, I've got a bucket - chuck the  dog in the bedroom.  So, of course, I ran to the shower to get the bucket from there.  No bucket.  So I run out the back, and grab one of the buckets from there.

All good, the fire is around the electricity pole out front.  Two bucketfuls is enough to extinguish it completely.  It was suggested by the passers by (who were attending to it without much success) that it was probably from a cigarette.  The pseudo-JJ woman was driving past in her car.

A little excitement for the day!


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